Interior Designer Eric Lee Gives us a Tour of This Stunning French-Country Masterpiece

February 26, 2020

Eric Lee, Principal and Chief Designer at Vancouver studio VictorEric, fell naturally into the world of design. “I designed our first family home when I was 18 and the rest kind of happened on its own afterwards!” says Lee, “My first job out of BCIT was actually at an interior design company. I learned so much from incredible mentors, which is where much of my experience and design style comes from.” 

VictorEric’s roster of projects is stunning and diverse, ranging from residential homes to commercial spaces across the country. 8525 Wiltshire, a French-Country masterpiece located here in Vancouver, is one of many impressive projects Lee has worked on. It also happens to be his own home.

As a designer, Lee finds it difficult to pick just one style. He prefers to create projects that feature a multitude of them, which he and his team merge seamlessly together. “My interests vary quite a bit, which is pretty apparent from our portfolio,” he laughs. The design of 8525 Wiltshire combines French Country as a base and mixes in modern and rustic touches. “I always begin each project by thinking about emotion and language style,” says Lee, “My previous home was more modern, so for the Wiltshire I wanted to try something more traditional.” 

The traditional palette is noticeable right away from the French-Country exterior, patterned ceiling tiles in the entryway and sculpted ceiling in the dining room. The kitchen is where you truly start to notice two additional styles, rustic and modern. That makes three in total, which Lee jokes is a bit dangerous at times. “But it was really enjoyable to play around with and merge these three dynamic themes together!” 

It’s hard for Lee to pick just one thing he loves about the Wiltshire. “There are so many pieces in the home I love. Every room has a unique feature!” The VictorEric team purposely created multiple points of interest in the space, with a goal of taking the resident on a journey. Whether it’s the elaborate ceiling as you first enter to the marble fireplace and custom armoire in the kitchen, each room has a unique focal point that sets it apart from the rest.

One of the many highlights of the home is definitely the theatre room, featuring a darker, more intimate colour palette, low ceiling and modern bar with under-lit shelves and polished textured tile. Think mens’ club cigar room with splashes of traditional elements.

“Feeling and emotion are a big thing when we design a project,” says Lee, “We always ask clients, how do you want to feel when you first wake up in a space? Do you want to feel like you’re in a resort or a calm spa?” For example, the VictorEric team wanted to evoke a feeling of formality and drama in the theatre space, which is where the under-lit bar and dark palette come in. That, along with the low ceiling, gives the space its cozy, intimate feeling.

Lee isn’t a huge trend follower, but is inspired by Vancouver’s highly talented design projects. “We’re really lucky here in Vancouver because we’re the leading edge of design talent in all of North America,” he says. Looking ahead, there are a few design styles and projects he hasn’t explored yet, specifically lofts. But true to form, he plans on mixing things up. “I’ve always loved Yaletown’s industrial-style, exposed brick spaces. We’ve never worked on a complete loft space. But we definitely want to combine industrial elements with a modern technique.”

On a personal level, Lee has also been working on a passion project, a way to give back to his creative community. “I recently launched a coaching business called Starfish Coaching, which I’m very excited about,” he says, “Entrepreneurs and creatives choose to go out on their own because they love their craft, but they often struggle with the business side of things. I’m eager to offer help to other aspiring business owners and creatives here in Vancouver.” 

8525 Wiltshire | 7 Beds | 6 Baths | 4,333 Sq.Ft. | Listed at $4,998,000 | MLS: R2428865 

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